Reefer Madness

Southwest Tour (cont)


DAY 4-6

“I don’t want conventional things in life. I really don’t. I spend a lot of time traveling, being on the road, and away from friends and family. I worry about being too selfish with my time. Day told me there’s no such thing as ‘being selfish. ‘Selfish’ exists because of other people’s judgements, which easily become our own. It’s alright when time is spent doing things where your true passions lie. (They) are what expand compassion and growth and make you beautiful.”

We say goodbye to Zion after I get my fix of huckleberry pie (mmm) and drive to Capitol Reef hoping to spend a few days canyoneering at Cottonwood Wash. The park is a little underdeveloped compared to its Mighty 5 cousins Bryce Canyon and Zion, and upon arriving at the visitor center that night, we find out there will be thunderstorms the next few days. Flash flood warnings close Cottonwood Wash 🙁

We wake up the next morning and decide to do a day hike up the Cohab Canyon trail, as it’s littered with multiple slot canyons and scrambling opportunities.

The weather goes from sunny skies to abrupt thunderstorms. It gets so bad that at one point, Keane and I are forced to sheek shelter underneath a sandstone cave.

All in all, the weather is rugged, and we come back to camp that night to a wet tent and lightning illuminating the sky. No one ever said the West was forgiving 🙂

Next stop- Wyyooming!

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